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advertiserAs of November 2013, The National Real Estate Post sends almost 4 million emails a month to nearly 200,000 national subscribers.  Those subscribers are primarily mortgage loan originators however, their real estate agent and consumer subscribers are growing each and every day at a brisk pace.  A typical NREP daily show will get 20,000 views on average over the first 24 hours, and those views continue to rise from that point on.  It’s not uncommon to have a show well over 30,000 views.  In fact we’ve had several shows that have gone well beyond that and even one show in particular that received over 20 million views.

If you’re trying to deliver a message to the mortgage or real estate industry, there simply isn’t a better place to accomplish that.  If we decide to work together we will help guide you on how to get the most out of your NREP advertising.  There are may benefits beyond a banner and a mention on the daily show for our Platinum advertisers.  We don’t just want to get your company name out there, we want to help you accomplish your goals and we’re in a position to significantly help with that.

We don’t post rates and terms here on this page because we want to talk with you.  We want to learn about your company so we can decide firstly if we’re a fit for each other, and then explore all the opportunities that are possible for each of us.  We don’t have that many advertisers for a reason.  We want to get to know you so we can stay tuned into each other in order to get the most out of our mutually beneficial relationship.  If we start working together, you’re not just a number to us, you’re our partner.

So if you’re interested in having a conversation with us about getting on the National Real Estate Post give Kian a call at:




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