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Another Chase Banker Dies

February 19, 2014 Chase, Featured Posts, Wells Fargo 66 Comments
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There absolutely has to be something going on at Chase right now as yet another executive takes his life by jumping 30 stories to his death.

Last week we reported that high level investment execs have been killing themselves.  Two of those guys were from Chase and now yet another Chase banker has decided it would be better to jump off a building in Hong Kong rather than go to work the next day.  That’s three from Chase in the past few weeks.  One jumped off a cliff and the other two jumped off of buildings.

Chase JumperNow is this a normal activity in investment banking?  Do execs typically “off” themselves in what seems to be groups?  Look we keep up on the news pretty tightly and this seems pretty darn strange to us.  What the heck is going on around here?  Is Chase being run by Jamie Dimon or Jamie Damien?  Seriously though, is there something going on that they can’t bear to know that’s driving them to suicide?  Or is it foul play?

We just don’t know.  But here’s what we do know, it seems a little odd that this is happening and the preferred method of killing yourself if your a Chase exec is jumping off a cliff or a building.  Jumping off really high stuff?  Really?  I mean, why put yourself through the 6 or 7 seconds of absolute horror before it’s over?  Wouldn’t a quicker method be preferred?  It smells a little fishy to us over here at the NREP.

And what if you bank there, or have a mortgage there, does it make you concerned that this most unusual activity is happening within the walls of one of your financial institutions?  Is there something coming your way that you should be concerned about?  Well, let us know what you think about all this down below and to learn more watch the video above.

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With that you all have a wonderful day and stay away from high places!

Frank and Brian

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