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CFPB Looking at Your Underwriting Overlays

Lenders user overlays in an attempt to minimize buying back bad loans.  Well, the CFPB is looking at overlays as possible redlining.

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Homeownership Rates are Down and We Know Why

With so many agencies and groups trying to help minorities you’d think some of it might actually help.  Yet recent reports would say otherwise.

homeownershipBe sure to catch all of your real estate news and mortgage news here on the National Real Estate Post with Frank Garay and Brian Stevens. And don’t forget about the only products that they endorse, Listing Booster and MoveTube. These products are simply the best products available for loan officer and real estate agents to use to generate new business today. Remember our motto: “Your Listing – Your Lead” and this is to the benefit of the real estate agent AND the loan officer.

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Frank and Brian

4 Million Buyers Missed the Boat

As many as 4 million potential buyers missed the boat when it comes to homeownership.  Will this change for the better?

missed the boatBe sure to catch all of your real estate news and mortgage news every morning with Frank and Brian. Please forward, share, subscribe and post to your social sites if you find today’s information useful, and be sure to share it with your office. It pays to be educated on what’s going on in the mortgage and real estate industry everyday as an industry professional. Also, please feel free to send us show ideas – we love it! A lot of our content comes from the pro’s on the street as it should!

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With that you all have a wonderful day and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Frank and Brian

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