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Over 600K Refinances Still Available

July 3, 2014 FHFA, Rates 14 Comments

FHFA says that there are still over 600,000 refinances available out there for the taking.  Who’s going to get them, you?

Before we get started let’s not forget about MGIC’s S/E Calculator.  You put the tax return data in, push the button and your income comes out!  EZ yes?  It’s also very easy to get.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE.  And for you Listing Booster members who wanted a video that you could send to your real estate agents to help them understand the value of partnering with you on your Listing Booster account.  We’ve got it for you.  Just CLICK HERE to get it!

piece-of-pieNow on to the show.  Hey!  Are you there? Or did you already take off for the long weekend?  Well for those of you that are still out there we’ve got a quick yet informative show for you.  First of all, why does everyone drone on about drones?  Because it’s kind of a big deal that’s why.  Where there’s money to be made by the government you can rest assured there’s going to be drama.  Drones are on the drama list right now and it seems to be heating up, so tune in to see the story.  Also, according the the FHFA, there are over 600,000 potential refinances still out there waiting to be done.  Think about it this way, if we’ve got about 100,000 real loan officers out there, that’s like 6 more deals each.  So what are you waiting for?  Well tune into the show for more details.

With that you all have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you Monday.

Frank and Brian

Housing is a Marathon Not a Sprint

With the release of new housing data the Treasury has stepped up and wants to extend recession era housing programs.

First let’s talk Kickbacks and RESPA.  Kickbacks = Bad right?  But exactly how does the CFPB define kickbacks for the sake of issuing fines?  Hmmm… you probably should figure that one out right?  Especially if you’ve got any kind of an MSA going on.  Look AllRegs has answers for you.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE.

marathon-646Okay, let’s get down to business for the day.  As you’ve noticed (I hope) I (Frank) have been absent from the show.  This is because I wound up having a little heart trouble.  I spent the last 6 days in the hospital and came home yesterday with a shinny new stent in what they call “the widow maker” artery of my heart.  I had a 99% blockage that has been repaired.  I was wondering why I was so tired!  Well I feel like a new man now and I’m so happy to be back home and back to work.  All I want to say is; Men – when your body tries to tell you something listen to it and if you can’t do that be sure to listen to your wife.

On to the show.  I won’t get into the fine details because I think you should really just sit down with your cup of coffee and click on the play button.  But for those of you with no patience I’ll give you a snippet.  When it comes to housing we need to treat it’s growth like a marathon, not a sprint.  We at the NREP think the Treasure my be a little hasty in some decisions they are making right now.  We think they may be knee-jerk reaction to data before the market has time to evolve and truly stabilize.  These decision do impact your clients so again I would encourage you to watch the show, get the details, and use them for talking points with your past clients and your referral partners.  Yeah, so there, do that.

With that we’ll let you go.  You all be sure to have a great day!

Frank and Brian

Actual Awesome News from Fannie and Freddie

Today we have truly awesome news from Fannie and Freddie and we’re not kidding.  It really is good news.

If you’re a loan officer and you need your CE done we’ve got you covered.  Just go to AllRegs all the time!  They’ve got everything you need, it’s all on-line and it’s priced great!  Don’t waste any more time  CLICK HERE to get your CE done.  Also, don’t forget about Listing Booster.  Listing Booster has the tools you need to get plenty of purchase leads fast.  There are a couple banners on your right where you can register for a webinar today or tomorrow.

Mel WattOn to the show.  When Mel Watt first took the helm of FHFA we weren’t impressed.  Based on some things in his past we thought he might not be the right guy.  Then he takes control of the ship and doesn’t say a word for 5 months.  Suddenly he speaks and when he does… well we’ll gosh darned… it’s pretty darn good!  To sum it up, he’s making it easier on lenders when it comes to buy backs. What does this mean to you?  Basically it means that they are easing credit and you should be able to get more buyers qualified to buy a home then you’ve been able to lately.  To learn more just tune in and see what’s up.

Also on today’s show there is a very important message for our real estate agents out there.  Having an office “code word or phrase” in place that everybody knows about could save someone’s life.  There is a true example of how this saved a real estate agent and got a criminal behind bars at the start of the show so please don’t miss it.

You all have a wonderful day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Frank and Brian

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