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7 Reasons You May Want to Fire Yourself

As real estate and mortgage salespeople, we’re pretty much our own boss.  Of course we have those of authority above us in some cases, but for the most part we are the one’s in charge of our own destiny.  So the question is, if could step outside of yourself and look at yourself, would you keep yourself on or would you fire yourself?

We read an article the other day titled “7 Signs You’re About to be Fired” and we thought that it would be an interesting exercise to look at ourselves as if we were our own employee.

Most of us in real estate and mortgage sales aspire to make at least a 6 figure income.  But if you were a boss paying you for what you did, would what you do be worth 6 figures to someone?  So we kind of went through each of the 7 signs and did some commentary on them.

firedFor example, are you staying accountable to yourself?  Are you avoiding asking yourself the tough questions you should be asking yourself?  And what if you were to write your job description what would it look like?  You would have have to write what you currently do, and see if that’s worth paying someone 6 figures for, and then you’d also have to write what you should be doing that you know is worth 6 figures.

So check out the show and give it some thought.  And of course please let us know what your thoughts are below.  Please forward, share and subscribe and we’ll see you on Monday!

Frank and Brian


Warren Buffetts New Real Estate Franchise

Warren Buffett has opened a new real estate franchise with the help of a bunch of young whipper-snappers!

In your real estate news and mortgage news today we have Mr. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, who has opened a real estate company called Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.  What’s interesting about this is he’s got a team of 10 agents who are all 35 years old or younger to help council other agents on how to engage with future home buyers.

Who are these future home buyers?  They are the Millennials.  The Millennials are people who’s ages run from about 20 to 30 years old.  Mr. Buffett knows he needs to find ways to meet these new young buyers by meeting them where they live and he’s got some young hotshots to help him get it done.

MillennialsPretty good idea if you think about it, and it should really make us think about it as well.  It’s interesting, we saw a post somewhere the other day and it showed that the median age of a real estate agent in 2013 is 57 years old.  57?  Wow.  Well we may be averaging 57 but we’re going to have to start thinking like, and acting like we’re 35 in order to be the most effective we can be.

At the end of the day though, technology isn’t where it ends.  It may be where it starts for a lot of people, but it ends face to face with a handshake.  This is still a people business and people want to actually speak to people when it comes time to pull the trigger and go see a home or get a loan.  So we’ve got to have a well rounded blend of technology and personal skills, but if we lack on the tech side, it could be a big advantage for your competition who’s not afraid of it.  Agreed?

Speaking of face to face and people to people, we have a great trip to Dallas the other day.  We met a great group of guys with a great company that’s looking at Listing Booster as a corporate deal.  Heck Frank even spilled a glass of very nice wine on one of them and they still bought our dinner!  Which brings us to the matter of corporate deals and Listing Booster.  BrandtLet’s just say “yes” we can do them and “yes” we want to talk to you about it.  So if you or your company is interested in having that conversation give us a call.  With rates going up, and the prediction of losing 32% of all mortgage origination’s in 2014 it’s more important that ever to have a tool that can actually help loan originators provide true value to their real estate partners, where they can both enjoy the leads generated by the product.

With that you all have a wonderful day.  Leave your comments below, and please subscribe if you’re meeting us for the first time.

Frank and Brian

Another Alternative to QM Lender Has Arrived

December 6, 2013 Marketing, QM QRM 24 Comments

Vikram Pandit has started a new lending company called Orchard which looks like it can fill the void of QM loan fallout.

[viddler id-a8a6d1ed h-349 w-545]

Today in your real estate news and mortgage news we’d like you to recall a story about a fella named Raj Date who used to work for the CFPB.  While there he was instrumental in developing the new QM rules.  After he left the CFPB he opened a lending company called Fenway Summer.  Fenway Summer is there to handle loans that don’t quit fit QM guidelines.

panditWell now another player is on the scene.  Vikram Pandit, ex Citi CEO, has started a company with a bunch of other super rich guys called Orchard.  Orchard too it appears will be there to handle any of the QM loan fall out.

We’ve had LO’s ask us quite a bit as to what we think will happen when QM hit’s the street, and we’ve always responded the same way.  It’s going to be tough, many borrowers who otherwise would have qualified won’t but something will happen.  We all know this, where there’s a problem there’s an opportunity right?  It’s always been that way.  Too many run down foreclosures?  Suddenly foreclosure clean up and maintenance companies appear out of nowhere and flourish.

It’s no different with QM.  The government decides they don’t want to be involved in mortgages, so the make it really tough to get a mortgage that they have to back or insure.  This results in people who are qualified to buy, just not with a QM loan, unable to get financing.  The private sector isn’t going to stand by and watch billions of dollars of opportunity slip away, they’re going to step in and create financing for them.

So hello Raj and Vikram.  And believe us, it’s just the beginning.  There will be many many more to follow.  So there’s your real estate news and mortgage news for the day.

Now, as far as the household tips goes – HERE IS THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE so you can use it for your database.  Lot’s of fun stuff there.

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Thanks for hanging in there with us guys.  We’ll get the email delivery fixed and the screen sizing and all of that other stuff soon.  Anytime you do something like this you always have bugs to fix.  We’re on it.

Have a great weekend.

Frank and Brian

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