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CFPB Downplays Their Internal Issues

It’s interesting how the CFPB rules with such a heavy hand, yet when it comes to their own issues it never seems to be a very big deal.

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Appraiser Scores $56M for Ratting Out Himself

Appraisers, want to hit the jackpot?  Just tell the FBI that BofA made you do a bad appraisal.  One appraiser scored $56 million for it.

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FHA MI Hikes

How do you feel about the FHA MI hikes that have gone down over the past 4 years?  The the new FHA commish, thinks they’re honky dory.

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MI IncreasesNow on to the show.  Well first of all Angelo Mozilo is back in the news… getting sued… probably deserves it.  Then you’ve got the fact that interest rates have dropped by .01% so we’re sure there will be a mad rush on the refi market – let’s hope not… And then there’s FHA.  The new Commish feels that they are right in line with how things should be when it comes to MI hikes.  Like it’s all good and everybody is a winner here.  Everybody but the industry and the borrower!  Come on, if we’re going to have an MI conversation it needs to be real, and what’s coming out of the head of FHA doesn’t seem very real to us.  So tune and and see what you think and let us know your thoughts below.  We really appreciate your comments!

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