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Lending Bounces Back

September 2, 2014 Big Banks, FHFA, NAR 7 Comments

After quite a long drought, lending appears as though it might be bouncing back.

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resilienceLenders are reporting some good gains which is a good thing considering that we’ve been at 2008 levels lately.  The question is, why, and will it continue?  That has yet to be seen but the feeling is positive.  One thing that will continue to hurt lending however is the continued lawsuits from various government agencies.  These lawsuits are massive and rest assured that the cost of paying a government agency finds its way to the rate sheet that’s being delivered to the consumer.  The reason that consumers aren’t up in arms about it is because the rate environment is so low, that even with these costs factored in, it’s hard to complain about interest rates in the 4’s.  If we were in a 7% or 8% market believe us, there it would be a different story.  At any rate, tune in and learn all about it.  We’ve got a couple more gems in today’s show as well including a great bit on the NAR for you.

With that you all have a wonderful day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Frank and Brian

White House Demands VA Refinances Get Done

August 29, 2014 Big Banks, VA 10 Comments

The White House has started an initiative with the big 5 lenders asking them to refinance all eligible Veterans.

Housekeeping first!  If you’ve got those clients in that 3 to 5 year waiting period after a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale, you might not have to wait!  Try the Mortgage Alternative Program.  They are set up to help those people out and the terms are fantastic.  To learn more information CLICK HERE.  Also in today’s show we go over how you can get your list of potential VA streamline refinances over to Boomerang Prospecting and they will call them for you and send the interested clients back to you.  To learn more about Boomerang Prospecting CLICK HERE.

Veterans-Landing-Page_tcm18-54240Now on to the show.  The White House is feeling pressure to start doing more for our Veterans.  So they’ve started an initiative asking the “Fab-5” to scour through their databases and find those VA deals where it would make sense to do a streamline refinance.  Well it got us thinking, why should the Fab-5 be the only lenders out there doing this?  Why don’t you?  It’s easy to figure out, easy to make the call and easy to do the transaction and to top it all off, it helps the Vets!  Then again, why not do it for everyone in your database.  We know refinances are kind of dry, but, think about this.  Most lenders fish for refinances via mail and email.  How about some good old phone calling?  Problem is, you’re chicken or just don’t have the time.  Once again, if you get the list of candidates exported, send them to Boomerang Prospecting, and let them call them for you.  They send the interested clients back to you.  How easy is that?

With that you all have a great holiday and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

Frank and Brian

NAR Fights Zillow Trulia Merger

August 20, 2014 Big Banks, NAR, Trulia, Zillow 45 Comments

NAR isn’t happy about the Zillow Trulia merger and they’re telling the FTC to do something about it.

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NAR says StopNow on to the show, and a fun one it is.  NAR wants to put a stop to the new Zil-ulia mega site merger.  They feel it’s a monopoly.  Well, of course Zillow has their own opinion about it, which naturally doesn’t jive with NAR’s.  Now here’s my humble opinion (Frank).  I don’t think they will get anything accomplished, but I also don’t underestimate the influence of NAR.  They do have a pretty big voice on the Hill and there’s no telling who might get a little “nudge” on the matter.  So I’m really curious to see if they can stop the whole thing or at least slow it down.  Now at the end of the day, NAR should really be looking at themselves and consider one major item that they seem to be forgetting.  Realtors hold all the cards, in the form of listings.  The only reason Zillow and Trulia exist is because real estate agents give them their listings.  So, perhaps they might find a way to gain an advantage with this in mind.  Anyway, tell us what you think in the comments down below.

Have a great day!

Frank and Brian

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