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Hedge Funds Looking to Buy GSEs

November 14, 2013 Fannie & Freddie, FHFA 8 Comments

The fate of the GSE’s is a big boring topic right now, but we’ve got to talk about it cause it’s all the rage in mortgage and real estate media.  Well here’s a new ingredient to add to the pie.  Looks like some hedge funds want to basically buy them.  Interesting, very interesting indeed.

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GSEs Buying Insurance?

November 12, 2013 Fannie & Freddie 10 Comments

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Freeloading Kids Holding Back Housing?

Home ownership is still at low levels comparatively from the past even though affordability is at an all time high, why?  New household formations are at an all time low.

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New household formations are when kids move on, get married and buy a home.  In the past we’ve seen as many as a million or two get formed in a year, but now we’re looming around 380k.  Wow.  That’s a big difference and it’s one of the more important housing statistics to pay attention too.  More and more young adults are shacking up in their parents home for years.  Why is this occurring?  Hard to say.

Perhaps it’s the fear of another bubble?  Maybe it’s just that much harder to get a home loan?  Too many investors with cash offers?  Maybe their just lazy strong headed kids with spineless parents?  Hard to say, but the bottom line is, they’re not “forming new households” like they used to.  Well maybe we as and industry can do a better job and educating the benefits of home ownership.  Perhaps kids these days simply don’t know what’s available to them.  The best way for a mortgage or real estate professional to create some “new household” business is to talk to the people in your database and your sphere of influence.  Let’s not assume everyone we know, knows what’s going on out there.  Bottom line, they could use your help.

And when we say “talk” to them, we don’t mean send them an e-newsletter with a turkey recipe on it.  We mean actually physically speaking to them and having an honest conversation about the awesome opportunities that are available in housing right now.

Well… a penny for your thoughts down below.

Have a wonderful day!

Frank and Brian

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