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GSEs to the Federal Employee Rescue

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac step up along with FHA to give furloughed Federal employees a break.

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FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now giving furloughed employees a break when it comes to mortgage payments.  They’re going to lighten up on late payments but the consumer should really make the effort to communicate this to their servicers.

This is a good email blast to send to your database followed up by personal calls.  It’s a great talking point and an opportunity to ask for the business!  What we mean by that it asking for a referral.  So get something out there.  Search the web on the topic and send a link to an article or just send them this video.  After that jump on the phone and start having some conversations.  If you simply ask for the business after that conversation you’ll be amazed at what kind of a return you’ll get.  Honestly if you need a kick butt system that you can implement in just a few hours that can help you with kind of high return activities, get our EZ Business Booster product.  It’s basic stuff buy it just works, plain and simple.  Click the black flashing EZ Business Booster banner on your right to get it.

Next..  Oh how interesting.  Seems the axe on Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s neck might be retracting a little.  We’ve been saying this a for a while now – just take them out of conservatorship.  Anyway, the boys and girls on the hill are getting a lot of pressure to reconsider this big idea.  In fact one entity is stating that the best private capital can do is about 500 Billion.  Considering this is only a third of what’s needed – minimum – it might not be such a good idea.

Couple this with the fact that the only thing you can replace a GSE with is another GSE (Because whatever the new thing is, it can and will get bailed out if needed in the future), we think we’ll continue to see the notion of complete termination of the GSE’s subside.  Your thoughts on the topic are greatly appreciated, so leave one if you have one for us – that would be great.

Have an awesome productive day, and if you’re not in the industry (aka – a consumer), be sure to contact one of our featured professionals above if you’re not already working with someone and you have any questions.

Frank and Brian

CNN Reports Discount Brokers on the Rise

CNN Reports Discount Brokers on the Rise

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Time to Buy Fannie and Freddie Stock?

There are reports that some investors are buying up GSE stock.  It’s believed that if they do come our of conservatorship that it will be well worth the investment.

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Certainly could be the case couldn’t it?  The truth of the matter is that the GSE’s are making money hand over fist and have been successful for decades with the small exception of the mortgage meltdown.  But the GES’s weren’t the only victims of the collapse of the mortgage market.  There were plenty more, but the big difference is that the GSE’s hold such a prominent position within the industry.

So why put the mark of death on them?  They, along with a gazillion other mortgage companies have righted their ship and are sailing along in safer waters, so why tear them apart?  Because they were bailed out?  So were a lot of other companies that aren’t under the continual threat of being flushed down the toilet.  It’s absurd to have the cross hairs on the only government affiliated agency that’s making money.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  “It’s all better now, take them out of conseratorship you ninnies!”

If anyone thinks that by replacing the GSE’s with some sort of private hybrid is going to remove the possibility of another bailout if it’s ever needed again, they’d be crazy.  Bailouts are always a possibility that lurk on the horizon regardless of all then new laws and rules that have come forth since the recent apocalypse.  So set Fannie and Freddie free.  Let them flourish and pay back their bailout rather than sweep all the profits into the treasury as dividend payments, and let private capital come back into the market as it clearly wants too.

That’s all we got to say about that.

Oh and here is the link for all the Private and Public schools we referred to in the first story.

Have a great day.

Frank and Brain

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