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Analyst Sees Housing Recession by Winter

There is an analyst out there saying that he sees a housing recession by this winter.  What do you think?

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winter housingNow on to the show.  Several interesting stories here for you today, but one of them is that there is an analyst out there saying that a housing recession is going to hit this winter.  Now we certainly aren’t going to say that’s impossible, but we are calling bullocks on his reasons why.  He says it’s going to be because the Fed’s are pulling out of MBS and the winding down of the GSE’s (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac).  We think the Fed Reserve will use the economy and the housing industry as a barometer to determine what they do with MBS, and the GSE’s are far from being dissolved so this winter seems a little far fetched to us.  Who knows, maybe the guy just wanted to grab some headlines?  Whatever.  It doesn’t really matter as we all make our own markets right?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

Have a great day!

Frank and Brian

The GSEs Just Won’t Die

Once again there is more 2 faced politician rhetoric being thrown around regarding the GSE’s.  The all say they want them to go for grandstanding purposes, yet they continue to survive and thrive.

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SoapboxNow on to the show.  We all know that volume in the lending industry is at record lows.  We haven’t seen lows like this since the crash back in 2008.  Yet despite the fact that volume is so bad, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still making huge profits.  We’re talking billions of dollars.  So let’s think about this.  2 agencies making billions when they’re technically at their darkest hour?  What does that tell you?  It tell us that they’ve got their $#!T together!  So with this in mind, why is Washington constantly saying they need to destroy them?  Grandstanding.  Unfortunately  the average American doesn’t understand what the GSE’s are and when they hear “mortgage anything” they consider it negative.  So for the politicians that are trying to get their voters ears, it’s pretty much standard to say “GSE’s bad” “Must change” which in reality is a bunch of horse ____.  But they’re not fooling us over here at the NREP so we’re going to keep calling them out, and with your help by forwarding this show along to others, maybe those snake-like politicians will get the message that we’re actually not a big barrel of ding-dong’s out here.

With that you all have a wonderful day!

Frank and Brian

Darn Vodka Drinking Russian Hackers

Gosh darn Vodka drinking Russian hackers.  Time to change those passwords.

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drunk-at-computer-2Now on to the show.  We’ve got Russian hackers, more ridiculous lawsuits and more Fannie Mae profits that are going to get swept away into the Treasury Dept.  But when all is said and done, what’s it all mean to you?  Well tune in and see because we over here at the NREP are full of……  Great information to make your day better and your career better.  Russian hackers?  How does that help me?  Tune in and see.  Lawsuits against big banks?  How does that help me?  You guessed it, tune in and find out.  Need I go on?  Nah, just – tune in and find out.

Well you all have a wonderful weekend!

Frank and Brian

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