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Barry Habib Predicts Big Rate Drop for 2015

Barry Habib shows us today how oil economics will impact interest rates in 2015.

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With that you all have a wonderful day and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Frank and Brian

Over 600K Refinances Still Available

July 3, 2014 FHFA, Rates 14 Comments

FHFA says that there are still over 600,000 refinances available out there for the taking.  Who’s going to get them, you?

Before we get started let’s not forget about MGIC’s S/E Calculator.  You put the tax return data in, push the button and your income comes out!  EZ yes?  It’s also very easy to get.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE.  And for you Listing Booster members who wanted a video that you could send to your real estate agents to help them understand the value of partnering with you on your Listing Booster account.  We’ve got it for you.  Just CLICK HERE to get it!

piece-of-pieNow on to the show.  Hey!  Are you there? Or did you already take off for the long weekend?  Well for those of you that are still out there we’ve got a quick yet informative show for you.  First of all, why does everyone drone on about drones?  Because it’s kind of a big deal that’s why.  Where there’s money to be made by the government you can rest assured there’s going to be drama.  Drones are on the drama list right now and it seems to be heating up, so tune in to see the story.  Also, according the the FHFA, there are over 600,000 potential refinances still out there waiting to be done.  Think about it this way, if we’ve got about 100,000 real loan officers out there, that’s like 6 more deals each.  So what are you waiting for?  Well tune into the show for more details.

With that you all have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you Monday.

Frank and Brian

Searching White Neighborhoods Made Easy

NeighborhoodScout.com has made searching for homes by the predominate race of a neighborhood easy.  Good or bad?

Before we get started we wanted to remind you of the incredible offer LoanTek has for you.  Even if you’re currently using an on-line lead generation and tracking system, LoanTek is so convinced that you’ll like theirs better, they will let you try it for free as long as your still in contract with your existing provider.  For details and to get started CLICK HERE.  Also, we got a lot of positive feedback from  you guys about the Mortgage Alternative Program we feature on our show about a week ago.  Well they will be holding a webinar to answer all your questions this Wednesday.  You can register for it by CLICKING HERE.

We_want_white_tenantsNow on to the matter at hand.  A couple things on the agenda today, but as always we recommend you tune into the show for the full story.  Today we wanted to talk about a site, NeighborhoodScout.com, that allows you to search a neighborhood by it’s race, average income, crime rate and other factors.  Our question is, “what do you think about that?”  Is this a fair thing to have at the fingertips of the general public?  And what’s more is, what happens when these parameters get rolled into an everyday Zillow or Trulia search?  Could it cause a sort of “hyper-segregation?”  Those are the question at hand.

Oh yeah, and rates might be heading back up.  But you can tune in for that.

Have an awesome day!

Frank and Brian

Here is the link for to make comments to the FHFA.  It’s in section 4 of the PDF.


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