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Lenders Look to Stop 30 Day Locks

With TRID coming there is some speculation that lenders will not offer 30 day locks.  Also in the news, Maxine Waters thinks everything is A-OK in the housing industry.

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Frank and Brian

CFPB Flips Congress the Bird

The CFPB is so out of control not even Congress can get their attention.  They didn’t even show up to their discrimination hearing.

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Richard CordrayThe good news is Encompass is all fixed up.  They had an attack but they’ve recovered from it.  Naturally you already know that, but what you might not know is what kind of attack it was and it’s purpose.  Kind of good to know as your own web-based systems might be subject to these types of attacks so when you watch the show you’ll get some insight.  But the real story here today is the discrimination hearing against the CFPB.  See they don’t treat their employees very fairly.  There are several employees saying that they have not only discriminated against, but even retaliated against!

Here’s what’s so funny.  We’re pretty sure Maxine Waters started the whole thing when she caught wind that minorities were being treated unfairly at the CFPB.  Now that the whole thing is started she’s decided that it should get cancelled because she’s such a CFPB fan remember?  She’s on record saying how awesome the CFPB is.  So now what Maxine?  Forget about the mistreated minorities at the CFPB and stop the whole hearing that you started?  PA-Lease!  This is such a joke.  What’s more is that the CFPB didn’t even show up.  Why should they?  Congress doesn’t oversee them.  So they’re waiving the big middle finger at them.  How nice.  Well, that’s what they created right?  How’s it feel now?

Fun stuff.  We’ll see what happens and keep you posted but you’ve got to tune into the show the get all the details.

You all have a wonderful day and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Frank and Brian

FHA Wants Lower FICO Borrowers

March 31, 2014 FHA/HUD, Waters 25 Comments

The trend for capturing more business by lowering credit standards continues and now FHA is in the game.

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galante-carolWe’re big fans of easing up on underwriting standards.  Having an average credit score in the high 700’s for approved loans nationally is kind of high.  But with loan volume dropping like a rock lenders might be diving a little too deep too quick.  We’ve heard of Wells Fargo lowering their FHA score requirements down to 600 and then we just saw Carrington lower theirs to 550.  Carrington went even further to say that they pretty much don’t want anything else but lower scored government loans.

Well now, we’ve got FHA coming out and telling lenders not to worry and go ahead and start doing lower credit scores that fit FHA guidelines.  Naturally all lenders see is buybacks in their future if they do this, even if their loans are technically within guidelines, so until recently they’ve held firm on their stricter FICO guideline overlays.  But, here we are.  Loan volume is down so lenders are starting to adjust to compensate.  Well with FHA saying they want more of the lower FICO borrowers out there, we’ll see what happens.

Let us know your thoughts below and have a great day!

Frank and Brian

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