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Success is Easy as Performing a Quadruple Bypass

December 30, 2013 Featured Posts, Frank & Brian Stuff, Marketing, Sales Tips 20 Comments
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Success is Easy as Performing a Quadruple Bypass.  All you have to do is apply yourself.

As we approach the beginning of the new year we are leaning more toward motivational, or inspirational thoughts on the show.  Don’t worry though, if anything catastrophic occurs in the industry we’ll let you know.  But this is the time of year that most of us become reminiscent of what we did this year or thoughtful of what we intend to do next year.

We’re no different around here hence, the topic of today’s show.  Today we have the comparison of ourselves to the NFL teams that are heading to the playoff’s.  These teams have to really up their game as they head into the post season, and so should we as we head into the new year.  There’s a lot of things for us to consider when we think along these lines.  Today’s topic has been inspired by the playoff’s, and some of our experiences working with people this year.

woman-thinkingTalent is the topic at hand.  Yes we need hard work, consistency, persistence and a lot of other things, but we do need a dash of talent as well.  And when it comes to developing talent we boiled it down to one core thing that we need to do.  That thing is to get into the habit of learning how to figure stuff out on our own.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to get a little advice here and there, but at the end of the day we need to figure it out on our own.

If we do this, it sticks better.  If we always default to relying on others to help us with every little thing, we’ll never be able to stand on our own.  Not only that, but we’ll be known as that pain in the butt guy or gal that’s seemingly helpless.  Learning how to become self sufficient helps develop the talent we need to excel.  So in your year-end self evaluation of yourself, think about who you are.  Are you one to figure things out on your own, or are you one that needs to rely on others to move forward.

If you decide to get a coach this year, please remember this thought.  You’re coach can only “coach” you.  Your coach isn’t there to write your scripts and tell you each and every word you should say.  Your coach is there to give you a revelation.  From there you need to comprehend that revelation, own it, and run with it.  You need to figure out stuff on your own.  Make sense?

Let us know your thought below, and have an awesome day.

Frank and Brian.




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